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Natural Stone Veneer Limited was formed in 2013 with an exclusive licence to introduce these unique and incredibly exciting products into the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Our heritage in the building and paving stone industries gives us a deep understanding of the products and the wide range of innovative applications.

The list of benefits and uses is almost endless. These products present a truly revolutionary way of using and working with natural stone that simply has not been possible before.

We would also like to talk to distributors and stockists who can see the tremendous opportunities open to us and can help us realise our ambitions for this genuinely unique product range.

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Our international pedigree

RICHTER Furniertechnik of Germany was founded in 1984 by Eberhard Richter. The company now has more than 30 years’ experience in the veneer industry and has successfully expanded internationally becoming well known as a source of innovative ideas and flexible solutions.

In 2012 Richter again demonstrated its entrepreneurial flair and created a state of the art production line of Stone-Veneer in India, world famous for its unique deposits of slate and quarzite.

A partnership was founded with Lokesh Arora, who has more than 30 years’ experience in the stone industry. Wolfgang Keune, expert in international marketing and sales, was also a founder partner in RICHTER-India. The company was founded in New Delhi and Rajasthan, the heart of the famous Indian stone industry.



International Award Winners
Design Plus Award

 The German Design Council has awarded the prize “Design Plus” to RICHTER Furniertechnik for its innovative product NanoStone.


M logo

During the ZOW show in Verona/Italy (International Forum Design in cooperation with the Italian design association ADI) the M TECHNOLOGY AWARD for 2009 was presented to RICHTER Furniertechnik: NanoStone was recognised with the GOLD award for special design and innovative performance.


Top 100

The official award from 2009, 2010, and 2011 to the 100 most innovative companies shows that RICHTER Furniertechnik is one of the TOP 100 innovators in Germany.

Natural Stone Veneer Authorised supplier and distributor of Richter Stone-Veneer

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